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Business Finance Solution

Ready to give your numbers the attention they deserve?

Our calendar is now open for CFO VIP Days

  • Done-In-A-Day Business Finance VIP Day

with Quarterly CFO Strategy

Scaling a business is a challenge without help,

we provide a new approach to

Accounting & CFO Services

We invite you to apply to our CFO VIP Day to get the Accounting Support that you need in less time!

Reserve a 4-6 hour timeslot dedicated

to You + Your Business.

  • Your business finances organized
  • Implement our 3-Step Framework with ease
  • Work with a team comprised of Accounting, Tax, Marketing & Operations expertise
  • Minimize your learning curve, errors & implementation

all done in one day!

Let's Break Down What To Expect:


We Establish an Accounting Strategy with a team

including Tax Accountant & Bookkeeper and an Operations Manager based on your goals!


We complete a FULL analysis and review of your Current Financial Workflow done 1 week prior to your VIP Day.


We work behind the scenes while you do what you're good at and clean up any messes, errors and automation to optimize your Financial Software & Payment Processors.


You're needed for only 1 hour of the VIP Day!

30-minutes during our kickoff call

30-minutes during our off-boarding call


If you own a product-based business, we got you!

We will include a Sales Tax Analysis for Your Store to keep you compliant with the state.


Your customized strategy will include:

Payroll Recommendations with Tax Analysis for

Owner & Team


To keep more money in your pockets, you'll get

up to 3 Years of

Tax Returns Reviewed for potential, missed tax savings.


As you expand, we will help you create your company's

Cross-Training Library for expansion.


All VIP Days

include 14 Days of email Accounting Support.

Before your CFO VIP Day

It's just been you this whole time...

by yourself!

*You're tired of DIY-ing

*Accounting & Taxes is NOT your expertise

*Behind on your bookkeeping

*None of your systems are talking to each other

*You don't make quarterly tax payments

*Avoiding notices/letters from IRS or state

*Feeling alone in your money journey

*Asking for deadline extensions to "gather yourself"

*Not sure what investments to make in because chaos has run your business

After your CFO VIP Day

You have a team of experts supporting you!

*Custom strategy to save thousands in taxes

*Peace of Mind knowing you won't miss another deadline

*Unnecessary spending cut by 25%-50%

*Un-shelved personal finance goals can now be invested in

*More financial clarity, confidence and freedom in your decision making

*Your Business is financially attractive to leverage other people's money

Apply Today!

To see if you're a good fit to save you thousands in taxes with a customized business finance strategy for your VIP Day, click the link below to complete this 10-minute application.

Give us as much detail as possible to ensure we can provide you with the BEST possible financial transformation!

Ready to get started?

Your business life will improve!

You will have added peace of mind without ever interrupting what matters most...

being paid, at-peace, and cared for!

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