Why Work With Us?

You need an Accounting Team who are...

  • Analytical & Problem Solvers
  • Detailed Relationship-Builders
  • Trustworthy Educators
  • Tech-Savvy
  • Want to see you win the money game!

We Impact our Industry in a Positive Way

What makes us so great?

The impact we make in our industry!

"Now that I have learned so much more about business and accounting, and how client can help me grow, I'm ready to tackle so much more! Half the information she provided I had never heard of before or knew I could use in my business."

Paraysha Dunn

Tax Accountant | Owner

Paraysha's Tax & Accounting Services

"You've always made time for me and have looked out multiple for me!! Even before it was clear all of this would work. I appreciate you!"

Albert C. Hurston Jr., CPA

Co-Owner | Right Choice Accounting Solutions

"Before I booked a session, I was confused about my completing a manual bank reconciliation. During my session, I learned how to organize my records and finally finished the steps to balance my books. She is extremely knowledgeable and patient. I was so glad to get help!"

Sean Harbert | Health Care

Sr Accounting Professional

We Set You Up For Financial Success!

We work with small businesses that are growing but need better Accounting processes implemented to access

5- & 6-figure tax savings.

If this is what you desire, you're in the right place!

About us:

  • Over 20+ years of Corporate Accounting & Tax experience
  • 200+ clients served since 2019
  • $350,000 average client taxable income
  • 10+ various industry experience
  • $1m+ in tax savings attained for clients

We started this firm to make our market more valuable.

We knew there was something else in life than meeting the same busy deadlines, creating financial projections, and reconciling large corporate bank accounts for corporations with bigger purposes every month - it just wasn't enough anymore!

We wanted a new experience filled of success not drudgery so we decided take on some risk; now look where we are today- at an all-time high thanks largely due from people like you who purchased one or two stock options back when they were still affordable:)

Our desire to live our lives more freely and enjoy them with others led us on this journey. We wanted the freedom, flexibility & spontaneity of working from home or traveling light when we're not at an office; time away during PTO days so that it doesn't seem like all work all day long; serving one another in some way or other than donating money (although anything helps!).

Corporate life is great, but we knew there was more to the world.

Don't mistake us for people who just take what they're given! We've enjoyed our careers and learned so much from them--but now it's time that we moved on to other businesses like yours.

The goal is for our team to help you understand these accounting software apps, structure your business so it serves the customer well, and ensure that prices are set at a level where profit can be made. We also want you in establishing systems that will pay you more cash without sacrificing time or energy by working alongside us!

Your business finances are just like a company's. You have to care for them the same way you would your household's finances!

Over the last 10 years, we've grown professionally as an Accounting Firm...

Continuing Education & Training

We enjoy being able to help businesses with a variety of goals and organizing their accounting systems. We've learned so much from your company, that we can now offer even more value as you change!

Serving hundreds of businesses every year!

The boutique-style approach we take to customer service and project completion has led us to honor clients' personal reception to finances. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach!

Over 10 years of management, consulting, and advisory experience.

We've worked in a multitude of industries in Accounting including Software Development, Consulting, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Dermatology, Dental, Advertising, Graphic Design, Manufacturing, and many more...

Experienced Accounting Experts

Our industry-specific experience has helped our clients create robust business budgets, set up and clean up their bookkeeping systems. We also teach them how to read financial statements for more clarity on what the company needs or wants in order get qualified if they're looking at expanding onto new markets!

Leave it to a team of Accountants who can get it done quicker than your procrastination can bear.

Our goal is to help you reach your goals quicker!

Listen, as much we love numbers...

We can also be found planning our next trip, taking in a local comedy show, enjoying new restaurants, watching [or shouting] at a basketball game, finding fun getaways for our tiny humans, or collaborating with other entrepreneurs in different industries.

We're the type of Accountants that like to have fun too!

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