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The best way to connect with us is to book a Financial Success Call.

As much we love connecting with prospective clients online, we have learned many of the social platforms are not secure enough to thoroughly ask the appropriate questions.

The best way to connect with us is by scheduling a 30-minute Financial Success Call to get your questions answered securely.

Yes, the cost is $47.

The purpose of the Discovery Call is to learn what your business' needs are, learn if we are able to help solve your problems in a shorter timeframe and if it's a mutual fit to work together.

Although we love to spill the beans, these are not "Pick-Our-Brain" strategy sessions. It's simply to learn about your needs, ask questions about your goals and start to build a working relationship!

We are based in the Chicagoland area. However, we virtually partner with clients and businesses all over the U.S. and U.K.

We're available by scheduled Zoom appointment only. Upon clicking the discovery call link below, it will take you directly to our calendar to reserve a call time. Our calendar books up pretty fast, book your Financial Success Call today!

Our hours are the following:

Monday and Friday: Closed
Tuesday-Thursday: 9 am CT - 4 pm CT
Meetings: By Scheduled Appointment Only
Federally Recognized Holidays: Closed

Our firm provides accounting, bookkeeping solutions and software training in a 100% virtual environment.

Due to COVID-19, for the safety of our clients and team members, in-person solutions are not currently available.

Bookkeeping is the foundation of your business finances.

This can include:

  • the routine recording of all of the financial transactions running through your business
  • then, being able to store those transactions in a centralized system
  • and reconciling those many financial transactions for a business, nonprofit organization, individual, for the purposes of reporting which can include tax filings, funding, investor reviews, compliance, etc.

Good question!

If you'd like to finally have confidence about the many money decisions you have to make in your business, bookkeeping is the foundation of having the reliable financial information you need to make those decisions! Without the foundation in place, it almost feels like you are winging it and your business is too important to the world to "wing it"!

It's quite possible you may need a bookkeeper separate from your Accountant/CPA/Tax Preparer.

It really depends on what your current Finance Pro specializes in. Don't lump their specialties altogether.

Every professional may not do-it-all.

If bookkeeping is not a service they offer, that's actually pretty normal.

Accountants and bookkeepers can perform very different tasks for the businesses they engage.

Alternatively, some CPAs only specialize in tax preparation and strategy and/or Audit Work so it would be in your best interest to learn what you need and see if your current service provider offers everything you need. If they don't, definitely start looking to engage a bookkeeper.

Bookkeepers are typically responsible for ongoing management of their clients’ financials.

We focus on working collectively with your current financial pro to ensure we're working in your business' best interests!

Yes. We believe not every business needs to hire an accounting firm on retainer, we have been able to help many businesses with one-time projects with a quarterly review.

The main projects we offer can include:

  • Setups and Software Training
  • Diagnostic Reviews with Recommendations
  • Catch-Up or Clean-Up Solutions
  • Ongoing Management (Monthly or Quarterly)

...what your business truly needs will be better determined from chatting with the business owner/finance leadership team during the Financial Success Call.

  • Professional Services - Therapy and Wellness Brands, HR Consulting, Digital Media, Graphic and Web Design, Tax and Accounting, Real Estate Agents
  • Online Sales Businesses - Amazon, Etsy, Shopify Online Sellers, Walmart, Dropshipping business.
  • Home Service Contractors - Commercial and Residential Cleaning Companies, Mobile Detailers.
  • Mid to Large Capitalization Corporations - Pharmaceutical Firms, Mobile Home Development, Tech and Software Firms
  • Nonprofit Organizations

We can help you:

  • learn what your business' state requires.
  • track the sales taxes you should be collecting so you're prepared to file and report at the correct times.

We currently use QuickBooks and WaveApps accounting software in most of our client engagements.

We can also support Quickbooks Desktop, with remote hosting access, in some instances.

Thanks to technology, we have successfully created solutions using tech stacks to eliminate costs and remove the need for in-office/onsite work to complete your accounting and bookkeeping projects.

When becoming a Polished Client, you will have several ways to communicate about your business' financials with our team.

Communication options are:

  • Email Support
  • Chat Feature inside your Client Portal
  • Scheduled Meetings with a Paid Package

Email is going to be the best option for most of your questions. It might be tempting to set up a meeting if you have a specific question, but by sending your questions through email, it not only gives our team time to research the topic, gather the details needed but gives us time to write a thoughtful response that can be tracked and notated.

If you have a simple accounting question, email will get you a much quicker response during business hours.

Just like a medical professional, we act in a professional capacity by having to ask questions, learning what your industry requires and assessing what your business needs are to develop an appropriate strategy fit for your business.

This helps to minimize over- and under-pricing our solutions.

We charge by the volume, complexity and time investment we're able to save you.

Our fees have ranged from $497 - $10,497, which is a large gap, hence the need for a Discovery Call.

We prefer to operate in integrity by doing our due diligence before throwing a price at you!

We accept all major credit cards and ACH payments.

Every client experience is different but our framework includes:

  • Listening - The business owner/organization's main contact person starts with a Discovery Call. We need to listen to your needs first.
  • Integrity One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All - From the Discovery Call, we learn about your business/organization and create a preliminary strategy.
  • Transparency - If you currently have bookkeeping in place, a Diagnostic Review is the first step to determine the best remedy for correcting any errors and recommendations to clean up your bookkeeping.
  • Clarity - You will receive an invoice to make your initial payment, once paid, this payment retains our firm and you'll receive an Agreement with a Scope of Work along with onboarding instructions through email to provide us with the necessary access, logins, reports, and data we need to get started.
  • Relationship Building - Although we would love to partner with all businesses in our market, we understand not every client will be a good fit so we truly focus on paying attention, being observant in the beginning of the relationship to see if we mutually will be a fit. If not, that is ok too! We are looking for long term clients, the best way to understand what you need is by allowing you to have a safe environment to ask questions, allow us to learn about your business' workflows so that we can create stressless accounting functions!
  • Real Work - Lastly, we get started on working together with scheduled Q & A Zoom Calls to ensure we're understanding how your operations truly work.

This is a paid service that allows you to sit back and let us dive in and investigate what work is needed.

Unless you're an Accountant, there are many steps and tasks you could potentially miss, simply because this is not your wheelhouse and that's ok!

  • We will request access to your bookkeeping software and/or client software, spreadsheets, and reports.
  • We will dive into your system, create a report of our findings and recommendations.
  • We can now confidently price your clean-up/catch-up project and/or any ongoing bookkeeping management work your business requires.
  • We schedule a 30-minute video chat to present our findings and recommend next steps!

Thank you for thinking of us!

The best way is to share our Discovery Call link so that we can provide your referral with the same level of service we've provided your business.

Be sure you tell them to use your name, so we can personally thank you :)

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