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Our Business Finance Checklist is a great start!

A convenient, printable checklist you can customize to keep your accounting organized. Get more of what you want out of your business and work less!

CFO VIP Day for Entrepreneurs

For Service-based CEOs

seeking to access the maximum tax savings, and hit their business and personal money goals all while scaling their business is who we help at our Accounting Firm!

In just 4-6 hours,

CEOs get the tools and support they need,

with limited time on hand.

If cash flow isn't the problem but money management is, then you're exactly who should be reading this.

Honestly, you've known your business finances needed more attention before another looming tax season but time has truly flown by.


Welcome to Polished CFO Suite!

The CFO You Need ...

Welcome and make yourself comfortable.

Polished CFO Solutions is a team of Accounting experts that partners with your business by teaching you what it takes for a woman-owned Mental Health Practice like yours to need financial management resources from start to finish!

Our goal is to help you truly understand how your practice can financially thrive using simple software that works in harmony with other tools to make confident, strategic business decisions.

As you work hard to build the lifestyle you deserve, you're no longer looking to grind and hustle your way to hit profit goals!

If you’re a woman in business seeking to improve the quality of your life, and enjoy the fruits of your labor, all while helping clients, customers, and patients reach their milestones, let us help you ensure your business’ finances are organized towards your goals.

We offer one Accounting solution to mental health professionals, coaches, and serviced-based CEOs with our CFO VIP Day simplified in a 4-step framework!

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